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How to Work with Crystals and Feng Shui - Part 3

How to Work with Crystals and Feng Shui - Part 3
Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

You may have noticed by now that crystals are having a moment! They can be helpful feng shui tools, as well as beautiful additions to your decor. One way to work with them is to use specific crystals to activate certain areas of the feng shui bagua in your home.

If you haven’t read the first two posts in this series, we highly recommend starting there! In part 1, we went over how to work with crystals and the feng shui bagua, as well as some of our favorite crystals for different guas (areas of the bagua). In part 2, we shared more crystals that correspond with additional guas. In this last post, we’re going over our favorite crystals to activate the remaining bagua areas. As you’re deciding which guas to work with, remember to choose just one or two that feel most important right now.

If you’d like to activate Recognition, Path in Life, or Relationships, here are some of the crystals we recommend working with:

Activate Recognition with Carnelian

The Recognition area of the bagua, also called Li, represents how you are seen by others. It’s connected to the color red and the fire element. Carnelian is often used to invoke passion and inspiration, both qualities associated with this area of the bagua. If you’re feeling like you could use a boost of motivation, or if you’re working on something that would benefit from more visibility, try activating the Li area with carnelian. If it’s a work project you want more recognition for, place carnelian in the Li area of your office.

Activate Path in Life with Black Obsidian

The Kan area of the bagua is connected to your path in life, your career, the color black, and the water element. Black obsidian crystal helps to clear away negative emotions and thought patterns, which can lead to more clarity about the next steps on your path. Try placing black obsidian in Kan position to help you remove any thoughts or energies that are getting in the way of taking those next steps. It’s also a useful stone for protection, so you may want to protect your home from negative energy by placing black obsidian in Kan, which is located in the front and center of your home.

Activate Relationships with Rose Quartz

Kun position, connected to relationships and partnerships, is associated with the earth element and the color pink. It’s often talked about in terms of romantic partnerships, but it relates to all types of relationships, your relationship to yourself. Rose quartz is a beautiful stone to work with in this area, because it has a deep connection to the energy of love. If you’re looking to invite in a new romantic partner or strengthen an existing relationship, try placing two rose quartz stones, to represent you and your partner, in the Kun area of your home or bedroom. Alternatively, you might be in a stage of your life where you need to focus on healing your own heart instead of calling in a partner. If this is the case, try placing one rose quartz crystal in Kun with the intention of deepening self-love.

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